Frequently Asked Questions

Comprehensive Insights into ScamRecovery: Navigating Our Operational Framework and Mastering the Fund Recovery Procedure

  • Asset recovery is a process through which an individual or an entity can reclaim back funds which were unlawfully lost to a fraud operation.
  • The asset recovery process varies from case to case. In light of this, ScamRecovery must examine each case on its own merits. In order to ensure that the free consultation is effective, clients must ensure they have access to evidence of the entire process.  From the initial contact via email or SMS, to further communications as well as proof of transfer of funds, clients must provide ScamRecovery with a clear understanding of the process through which funds were lost.
  • Generally speaking, ScamRecovery only accepts cases that have a high probability of success. Make sure you have the necessary evidence to support your claim and allow our recovery specialists to examine these documents. Once your files are examined, we will be able to distinguish whether we can or can not assist you with recovering your lost assets

  • Any assets that were fraudulently taken from you can be recovered, without regard to the nature of the assets. From credit card transactions, wire transfer transactions, crypto currency transactions and many more, we are here to track these funds on our path to recovery.

  • Seeing as each case is judged on its own merits, we can not generalize when it comes to the duration of the recovery process. With that being said, we have completed recovery cases as fast as two weeks, while other, more complex cases can take several months to complete.
  • Yes. In order to perform the recovery process, we encounter various costs which we can not avoid, therefore, some operational costs will be charged initially.

  • Any and every piece of evidence you can provide us with, that clearly shows the nature of the scam as well as the proof of funds that were transferred. The more evidence we have the quicker we can distinguish whether we can or can not assist with the recovery process.

  • Explanation of the reasons why a claim might be denied and the recourse available to individuals to appeal or contest the decision.

  • Confirmation of the legality of asset recovery services and the regulatory framework governing such activities to reassure users about the legitimacy of the process.

  • Information on whether users can monitor the progress of their asset recovery claim online or through customer support channels.

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